Episode 79: Spouse Loss, What About Dating?

On this show Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley interview three bereaved spouses; Dr. Joanne Moore, physical therapist and author of After the Loss of a Spouse: What’s Next?, comedian Carol Scibelli author of Poor Widow Me and her partner Mickey Bayard.  They discuss among other issues coping with spouse loss and dating.  The show will close with Alan Pedersen singing “Thanks For The Little While”.


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  • Irene CRnahan says:

    I have been widowed for 20 years. He died ar 47. I have been alone since, still missing him. I don’t drive due to vision loss, am sad, depresed, not really any friends. I have a son, married and they have one child. But I live far, and I am aware he worries about me, but he never comes to see me. It was always me doing the traveling.where will I end up?

    • Jennifer says:

      Dont keep score. Do the driving if you want to see them. Just do it. Stay in touch. also, find some hobbies you enjoy, try new things – you will meet people this way. don’t go looking for a date or partner – just go looking for yourself in this time and space – be open to growth and new things….you may find your mood lifts when you have spent time with others who have positive energy. good luck – let us know how you make out:)