Episode 88: Male Grief: Sudden Traumatic Loss with Jim Giaccone, Franklin Cook and Eric Marcus

Have you or a male friend had a sudden or traumatic loss? Are you wondering how men cope? If so join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley in a frank discussion of men and grief with Jim Giaccone, Franklin Cook and Eric Marcus. Jim’s brother Joe, died on 9/11 while Franklin and Eric suffered the loss of their dads. Franklin is founder of Personal Grief Coaching, and Eric is the author of Why Suicide. A video is shown produced by Tuesday’s Children for the NASCAR Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award in which Jim was a finalist.


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  • RV says:

    Hello, I lost my father ( 68 years) a week ago. He was my sole and taken care with great love and affection. Not a word was told that he was leaving our family for ever. He wanted to see me marrying which I was about to plan but missed. I am worried about my young mother who loved him so much. I am unable to cansole her. I cannot live without my father. I am unable to work. What shall I do….am in great depression, how people leave by breaking great bonds. Thank you