This is the first of four articles based on concepts, research and experiences shared in, LOVE NEVER DIES by Elizabeth Horwin.


It seems to me that it is a common belief (especially in Western culture) that the human experience begins with Life and ends with Death. That is not my belief because I view the human experience as beginning with the Birth of the physical body and ending with Death of that body. Life Energy, Soul, Spirit—whatever one chooses to call it—exists before Birth and continues after Death. This article will explore this concept by focusing on Life cycles, flow, intervals, energy and frequencies. The four articles in this series called Love Never Dies is written with total respect for all religions, cultures and personal beliefs. It is my HOPE that the reader will ponder the fundamental questions  of Life (who am I? where did I come from? why am I here? what is my purpose?) and determine if his /her belief supports a loving peaceful or fear-based Life Experience on planet Earth. Fear is the opposite of love and can make the human experience very difficult. It is my belief that the purpose of Life, the Essence of Life, is Love and Service.

When we are born into this Life experience, we are expected to accept and live by the belief system of our parents, our tribe, our community. It seems to me that most people accept that belief system until something happens that shatters a belief. A good example of this is the death of a child. If we believe that our child should not die before us and then does, that belief is shattered. In my work as a counselor and teacher, I have found that trauma and loss are two of the most significant triggers that cause us to question our belief system. I’ve also found that people will think about, examine and challenge their belief system because of how they feel. If they feel good, the belief works for them; but, if they don’t like what they’re feeling they may take this feeling opportunity to ask why and challenge an existing belief. This is especially true if one lives in fear. Beliefs that resonate with fear, in my opinion, prohibit us from focusing on our spiritual and personal growth and well-being. They are destructive to the Human Spirit, to our Life Force.

So, let’s take a look at and examine our beliefs about Life. I’m going to suggest five ideas concerning Life that I hope you will consider pondering and decide what makes sense to you.


  • The cycles of the day with total precision turn to night and night to day in perfect order every day.
  • The cycles of day and night are the microcosm of the macrocosm of birth and death that can assist us in our understanding of Spirit, the Life Energy that flows within our body.
  • Darkness brings Light. You cannot have Light without the Darkness; you cannot have the Positive without the Negative, and the Joyous without the Painful Experiences. These are the experiences of our Life Force on planet Earth.


  • In the Flow of Life, through the Energy of Life, we experience its highs and lows, its pain and joy, its hope and despair.
  • Why? In order to feel the highs of love,  the passion, the joys of Life, we need to experience the lows…. but, why….we will never  answer that question with the limitation we live within the confines of mental intellectual and rational thought.
  • The whys we should be asking about the Flow of Life are: what is the truth, what is my purpose and how can I best use the Flow of my Life Energy to Love and Serve mankind and all living things.


  • The tree starts from a seed to grow to the large oak to eventually die. The Life of a tree is no different than the Life of a human, an animal, a flower, a fruit. It has its purpose, its presence for a cycle of birth to death.
  • So it is with the intervals of Life, one each time for each incarnation. Our Life Energy incarnates into the human body at the time of birth and leaves the human body at the time of death.
  • Our Life Force finds expression through our human body. Attachment to our body and not being aware that it simply serves our Life Force and Life Energy, can cause us to feel sadness, depression, anxiety and fear.


  • All Life vibrates on frequencies of crystal clarity to density in all forms. The mineral kingdom contains the density of coal to the brilliance of diamonds; the vegetation kingdom from the weed to the orchid; and the animal kingdom from the lowest level of insect to the dolphin.
  • In the human kingdom the same continuum of vibration and energy exists in the body of a mentally challenged person to the brilliance of an Einstein or the love of Mother Teresa.
  • Would it not follow that after the human kingdom the same continuum exists in the next kingdom, the Spirit kingdom? We know the Spirit kingdom exists because we can communicate with it and feel it….be it the protection of angels, the feeling of communicating with the Saints, the presence energetically and sometimes physically of those we love who have died.


  • All nature, kingdoms, vitalistic beings are subject to the laws of frequency. We choose the frequency moment by moment that we want to resonate with; however, we need to be aware of this to consciously choose our response to what we are experiencing.
  • We will feel good if we resonate with the higher frequencies of love, compassion, generosity and kindness and we will feel bad if we resonate with the lower frequencies of fear, jealousy, envy, hate, etc. It is our choice and by that choice we can change our world and the world.
  • In awe we look at the night sky and see countless stars knowing that we are on this tiny planet in the solar system– one that we know of, not the countless others unknown to us. “Why am I here and what can I contribute?” In my opinion this should be the question of all humans for their earthly experience to be meaningful.

In our earthly experience this time, there is HOPE if each and every one of us decides that we can be a light, a candle in the darkness. Only we can change ourselves, our perceptions and our beliefs.

            LOVE & PEACE—-NAMASTE

Elizabeth Horwin is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering workshops, seminars and retreats to individuals, organizations and employers assisting them in dealing with and healing from life’s losses.

Elizabeth Horwin

Elizabeth attended Holy Family University and graduated from the University of Scranton where she obtained her Bachelors and Master of Science degrees. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and for over twenty-five years, she has held National Certifications as a Rehabilitation Counselor, Case Manager and Disability Management Specialist. As a counselor, educator, trainer and consultant, she has been named in Who’s Who Among American Women; is recognized as a national speaker and seminar leader; has participated in radio talk shows; served on various boards of directors and for her professional association, National Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, as President of the Pennsylvania chapter; was awarded the 2015 Professional Service Award from The Compassionate Friends, a national organization supporting families by providing friendship, understanding, and hope after a child dies; published in professional journals; assisted in the publication of a landmark five volume study on adult learning disabilities; and, recently served a five year term as Commissioner on the National Certification for Disability Management Specialists Board. Elizabeth’s recently published book, ”LOVE NEVER DIES”, provides unique insights in understanding birth, death and loss in life and in relationships. It teaches the individual how to understand and live through the stages of loss; begin and complete the healing process; and raise consciousness and awareness to the shift and impact in the way you now relate to life. Her address is: 180 Providence Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone number: 215-412-9043 Her web site is:

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