Gratitude In Grief chronicles a mother’s journey into the unimaginable, the death of her son. The book is a personal journal of reflection in the days following the death, and the unexpected approach she took in dealing with her grief that changed her forever. To the surprise of many, this mother made a choice to look for “one little thing” to be thankful for each day while coping with her loss. This daily gratitude changed the process of her grief, but also sparked a reflection on life, purpose and faith that has changed the author forever. By documenting the events surrounding her son’s death in the days and months afterwards, Kelly Buckley gives readers a first hand glimpse at the unbreakable bonds of love, the power of gratitude and the freedom that purpose in your life grants you. Through heartache and humor it provides hope and a nontraditional path through grief for those suffering loss in their own lives. An absolute read for anyone experiencing loss and a wake up call for others to be present in your life, to listen to your inner voice, and to live your life to the fullest.

Kelly Buckley

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Kelly Buckley is an author and speaker who, through the power of words, has connected with thousands of people worldwide. Her mission? To have a conversation about life, gratitude, compassion and resilience, in the hopes of helping others navigate through both the hills and valleys of their own lives. Kelly has published two books, Gratitude in Grief, and Just One Little Thing. She also launched a global Facebook community for Just One Little Thing. With over 10,000 members and growing, the premise is simple; take a moment each day to focus on one little thing you are thankful for, repeat, and a thankful life will start to grow. The group focuses on gratitude, compassion and resilience, and improving our world, just one little thing at a time. Kelly lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Brady, her son Brendan, and Rudy, their Wonder Dog.