Episode 3: Coping With Pregnancy Loss and Infertility-Grief Relief TV

Co-hosts, mother, daughter team, Gloria Horsley Ph.D. and Heidi Horsley Psy.D interview guests: Chandrama Anderson, MFT, and author of No U-Turn at Mercy Street: A Memoir and Resource Guide for Grieving Parents, G. David Adamson MD, Director of Fertility Physicians of Northern California, Clinical Professor Stanford University School of Medicine and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW.

This weekly television series is hosted by Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and sponsored by the Open to Hope Foundation with a Mission of “Helping People Find Hope After Loss”.

Goal of Series: To give a voice to grief and recovery, to empower the bereaved, and to educate and give family, friends and communities information on how they can help. Additionally, to bring attention to the social issues that lack of knowledge about supporting the bereaved leads to health problems, absenteeism from work, drug and alcohol abuse and juvenile delinquency.

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  • I have been through one cycle of IVF and I was due to have my eggs but back last Thursday, however on the morning of the transfer I was told that my embryo did not survive.

    I have also been advised that due to my ovaries over stimulation caused by the drugs given that careful consideration would have to be discussed before I was able to undergo a 2nd round and this would not be more hopeful than the first time

    since then I have been unable to work, sleep and have been moody and very emotional and I have been unble to speak to anyone even my husband about the way that I feel

    is there anyone that has had similar problems to myself that can offer any advice ect