My name is Lori, and I have an identical twin sister named Lisa. When we were just 16 years old, due to medical problems, Lisa was told she would never have her own children. Through a miracle, she became pregnant and had a beautiful son named Jacob. Lisa was a single mom and I had not had any of my children yet, to I was her labor coach and of course, Jake was like one of my own children. I had my firstborn a year later; a daughter, and she and Jacob were like siblings. I then went on to have two more children, both boys, and they also, were like siblings to Jake. Jake was going to college and had a job he loved and on October 18, 2011 he passed away in his sleep. My daughter had had her daughter just four days prior and was dismissed from the hospital the day that Jacob passed away. I am at such a loss with my grief for my sister. Her whole life was just swept out beneath her. I am having such a hard time trying to help her and I know that I cannot. We have shared everything and been there for each other through so much. I am just going crazy trying to “fix things” that I cannot fix for her. Has any other twin gone through this and if so, please can you help me try to understand what my sister needs the most from me? I just feel so empty for her and hurt that I cannot do anything to bring back her son…..Thank you for your support and words of wisdom. Lori


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