It’s been eleven years since I stood next to my dying brother’s bed and stroked his hair, trying to give him comfort in his time of need. He and I were both certain the end was creeping in just as day turns into evening. We knew it, but never spoke of it.

I was standing there in another moment of a flood of emotions. I, of course was feeling miserable, as this was the very last time I would ever see my brother alive. The last time I would talk to him or hold his hand. Yet my inner strength and faith kept me from falling over the edge of complete dismay.

I had been at this edge twice before with my mother’s death, when I was only twelve and my father’s death just seven years prior to my brother’s. As the scriptures say it best, He was close to the broken hearted and He saved me, whose spirit had been crushed (Psalm 34:18). I had never felt the presence of our Lord more powerfully than during my brother’s illness. The entire nine months of his “cancerous” battle, I had received Divine miracles from beyond, nothing like I had ever witnessed before and nothing like I had ever heard about happening to another.

I had been crushed and crushed several times more. I lived through it all with my strong conviction of faith. The adversity I experienced brought blessing into my life; Blessings which I wish to share with the world.

Ten short months after the death of my mother (died at age 39 from breast cancer), my father remarried. My family went from a somewhat normal family to the extreme dysfunction of a blended family. We never were counseled after losing our mother. In fact, we rarely spoke about it. It was like it never happened.

Years later, my father became seriously ill with kidney cancer and passed away. I parted ways with my step-mother. I lost the connection to my family home. Not that material things can replace people, but it was the warmth of the memories that served me well every time I went back.

Seven years after that, my only brother lost his hard fought battle with pancreatic cancer. Since I was a child I always prayed. I prayed a lot after my mother’s death and even more when I got the news of my brother’s illness. Besides losing our mother at a young age and going through the agony of trying to live with cancer, my brother revealed a 30-year-old secret of molestation weeks before his death. He had never told anyone. He chose me because he knew I would bring power to the truth. Could anyone be closer to the edge a complete damnation of faith?

I always believed in Heaven and our souls living after death. I never asked for the Divine to appear, yet He did because He knew I was being crushed with an enormous depth of pain. God not only opened my heart even further to the Divine, but he also knew I would be the one to spread His word, the power of His glory and the importance of our faith. There are no mistakes in life, just meaningful moments.

I now understood; faith is believing, all power cannot be seen. This is the significance to my purpose. This is why I wish to share my story; for those who may be struggling with being or having been crushed with the many scenarios of suffering in our world.

I would love to share my story with your followers. Please contact me if you wish to hear more of my story.

Mary Elizabeth Webb 2011

Mary Elizabeth Robinson

I work as Interior Designer, but writing is my passion. Tomorrow’s Promise has been featured in The Mustard Seed, a local church newsletter. Another one of my article has been featured on Carole Marie’s website, as well as on Online Grief Support website, and Miracle Stories website. My story has been shared with cancer support libraries at Gilda’s House, Cancer Care Centers and Livestrong.

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