0n 4/18/2008 my only daughter katrina died methadone overdose leaving behind her 8 yr old daughter genesis on that day my life changed forever she was found dead on the bathroom floor of a battered womens shelter 2 days after her brothers daughter was born i had mixed emotions .when she died we were on bad terms the guilt i am experiencing is kiiling me i live in a small town were ther no help at all noone to talk to both me and my daughter raised genesis so i tried getting custody in the courts due to the facts that her dad never wanted anything to do with her before the death i brought his criminal record to the judge so now he wont even let me speak to her on the phone or see her when shes older im sure she will look for our family i pray katrins from up in heavenwill watch over her till that day comes please if there is anyone out there with a simalier situation please contact me im a desperate mother hole in my heart norma god bless

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