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Something many of us learn through the course of years, losses and grief is that it’s far better to take control and OWN YOUR WINTERS, rather than to allow your winters own you. The seasons change & winters come (and go) in the midst of grief, ready or not. And long winters days and nights can be additionally difficult for those in cold climates. But planning ahead can greatly help one cope with the seasonal changes. This is true at other times and season, too.

As a survivor of many of my own losses, I am a firm believer & advocate of providing one’s self with people, places and activities outside of your grief, (every day that you are able. This gives you things other than just difficult grief to work with in your life as you struggle to cope & work towards acceptance and sustained healing.

Some ideas for long winters are to jump into old & new hobbies; make a project of winter cooking (chilis, hearty stews, hot cocoa, warm pies – perhaps put together a family recipe cookbook to share with family & friends); join online grief groups for additional support; get your grief journaling going; do some blogging; send some cards and letters to family and friends; read some good books; participate seasonal outdoor activities; and mid-to-late winter start planning spring gardens & summer projects (perhaps even begin gathering materials).

“Owning your winters” is just a part of taking control of your bigger journey with grief.  And it will help you feel more in-control and empowered at a time in your grief when there is commonly a heightened need to do so.

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John Pete

John Pete is a spiritual writer, founder of Daily Grief Quotes on Facebook, and was a Certified Grief Counselor for over 10-years . He has appeared on the "Grieving The Healing Heart" radio program and is published in the 2011 books, "Open To Hope, Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss," "Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One" (2012, DVD), and Grief Diaries - Through the Eyes of Men (2016, book). John Pete is online at https://facebook.com/dailygriefquotes.

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