most of the time i appear to look o.k. on the outside but my insides are not. most of the time i dont understand why i am here on this earth most of the time i dont want to be here on this earth i would rather be with my child i feel as though i dont have a purpose in life i currently do not have a job i spend alot of time alone alot of times i feel as though life isnt worth living anymore my felicia was my only child she was my world now my world is shattered i just keep trying to pick up the pieces of my life. most of the relatioships i have had since before my felicia was murdered have fallen apart i know longer speak to my parents and my aunt and uncle. they did alot of stupid things during the trial things that could have caused a mistrial but they are so ignorant and selfish i can no longer be around them anymore for my own sanitity i cant get better being around them so i feel alone alot thank you so much for listening to my story lfine


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