My daugher passed away 7 mos ago. A poorly performed homicide investigation was done and closed. Kaila, a beautiful, energetic, strong, caring, dedicated 1st time mom,decided to go chill with a few friends. She kissed me wednesday on her way out. We spoke several times that day. At 18 she was very responsible and since going to school, working, taking care of her son and taking care of me as I live with stage 3 cancer, she decided to have some “Kaila time”. She had wanted to come pick up her son for the night and i explained that i would take care of him that he didnt need to be out and about.She left me a message that eve that she couldnt get a ride and she would spend the nite and didnt want to bother me to pick her up. The following day…i was not able to get a hold of her. Late Thurs. evening i got a call and was told she was hangin with the wrong people at a hotel. Again i tried to contact her, left her a message and took a little bath. When done, i had received another message from her. she said she was fine, wasnt doing anything wrong,she loved me and the baby. blew kisses through the phone and said “I will see you 2moro”. Sadly that 2moro came too early. For the first time in 6 mos. w/chemo, i woke abruptly, vomited, shook in my body and knew something was wrong but i did not know. I cleaned up, got coffee, and the phone rang. It was Kailas number. I thought great, its early she wants me to pick her up and the three of us could spend the day together.While shaking,I scrambled to open the phone and missed the call by a second. A message was left for me and it was someone else telling me to get to the hotel that something was wrong with my daughter. I flew out the door and danger-
ously sped to where she was. All I saw was police cars..i frantically ran to find a room surround by officers and crime scene tape. I was immediately brought into an empty room and was asked several questions and told my child was found in the bathtub but told nothing else as paramedics were with her. I excused myself, got out of that room, only to sit out side the door of the room she was in. It seemed like forever, until the EMT told me that my daughter had died. I have so many questions!.so many “ifs” and my life is totally torn apart. I struggle with my health and grief because i just dont know what happened to my girl. Tox screen shows illegal drugs but nothing that would take her life. I was told the two ppl she was with were fighting (verbally) with her earlier. Those same ppl were down the hall and laughing when i was told the news. Autopsy indicates she drowned. But the investigator cant accurately tell me in what position she was found. 1 says this 1 says that and correspondence i received in the mail says another. I dont know much, except – I LOVE AND DEEPLY MISS MY KAILA – BEAR..♥

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