For Bobby

Jesus saw you getting weary
Knew the struggle deep within
He longed to quiet, still the storm
And let your peace begin
He knew the pain and heartache
Your life you did endure
The emptiness, the loneliness
Of which there was no cure
We were young when heartbreak
found us
Ripped apart our family
For you, the pain was so profound
The why?s? You could not see
When others talked against you
Tried to make me feel ashamed
My heart turned hard in your defense
No one besmirch your name
You struggled so throughout your life
That Jesus saw and cried
?My son! Reach up your soul to me
Your heart be not denied.?
He called you home one silent night
As swiftly as a sigh
He gave us time to be with you
Just enough to say goodbye
I miss you though, you know I do
The ache is always there
It?s just because I love you so
And I am in despair
And so I?ve cried and held my head
I do not want you gone
I want you, Bobby, back with me
So we can sing a song
Now in the breath of the singing trees
Your laughter do I hear
You?re telling me of the peace
you?ve found
And not to shed a tear
I?ve found a bit of peace myself
In writing this for you
A gift of Love has been exchanged
The Lord Knew what to do.

Sister, Angie

Angela LeMoine

My sister wrote this poem for my brother, Bobby. I would like to share this with you.

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