Kristan Glover: Foster Club

While at the National Alliance for Grieving Children conference, Dr. Heidi Horsley talked with Kristan Glover from FosterClub. Based in Arizona, Glover is a former foster youth. FosterClub fosters for children in the foster system, and encourages foster kids to never lose hope. There are things you will face that nobody should have to handle, but you can overcome them. She remembers times when she hated herself and hated her life, but knows that it’s up to her to be positive and be happy. For foster youth, there are additional challenges that can make growing up very difficult, and identifying your own best support system is a must.

FosterClub is an organization that supports and nurtures youth in the foster system. Today, Glover has received a full-ride scholarship to college and credits having a support system and adults who care about her for her success. You can find supportive adults in many places, but for Glover it was FosterClub that gave her that loving environment. No matter what your situation or age, know that there are options available—both in person and online.

Identifying Your Network

There are more options today than ever before, especially given the advent of technology. Thousands of American children are in the foster system, and not all of them have positive experiences. Glover notes that some children are frequently moved, some are split up from their siblings, and some are put into unhealthy situations. However, your home environment doesn’t necessarily have to be your best support network.

Talk with trusted adults in your life, and ask about options like FosterClub, which can give you that added support you need. If you’re an adult who knows a foster child, reach out to them. The more caring adults any child has, the better.


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