yes my name is hamid. i am iranian
this means i come from iran and now i live in iran.
yes my story is about love and death
i was 17 that understood every people will die
that year was a year for entering to the university
thought of death caused to i didnot enter to university. because it was like a Scarecrow.
thought of death played with my mind. and annoyed me…..
after 3 year i was better.
but when i enter ti university i fell in love with a girl. at first time i told her : could you give me your matematikk note and it was a Reason for loving her.
after a while i told her : could you give me your phone number.?
she told me : no i think that it is not good that a boy and a girl get in touch…
silly sentence. yes what is a silly sentence…..
i fuck all these sentences.
and i fell down to the Vale of hopelessness and love,,,,,,,,,,,,
after 5 year while i was thinking about her.
just abuot her,,,,,,,, each time when i want to speak to her i couldnt and i got too Ashamed realy too Ashamed …….
but the last day of university i decided to tell her about my sense and my Interest my love…….
i told her yes i told her like a strong man ……i Beseeched and i said please please
she told me i take your phone number and i will call you as soon as possible.
after 1 year she never ever call me.
i try to forget her
i never kissed her i never touched her and i missed her. she is a Callous girl
yes Callous …….
i hate hate hate……………
thank you
i want to quit Cigarette but i cant………..
i need a new girl friend but i am afraid of ……………………….. i dont know
thank you.


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