The Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) organization features digital artist Nancy Gershman discussing legacy photomontages. It’s a tool to counter grief and regrets, and can help the bereaved move towards a place of acceptance. You can create a photomontage yourself, or rely on an artist like Gershman to create a keepsake for you. Gershman works with clients around the world who send her photos, images, and notes about their loved one so that she can create a one of a kind piece of art that doubles as a memento and celebration of life.

She created Art for Your Sake to provide the bereaved with a unique way to remember their loved ones. The montages are “so real” that they provide an incredible source of comfort. Gershman can customize and accommodate any request, and has found that collaborating with the bereaved is a process of healing in itself. Taking time to remember your loved ones and noting special memories is another step on the relief journey.

For Art’s Sake! 

You can immediately start practicing being the happier person you want to be. “You will literally be a new person with a new role in your loved one’s life.” A photo montage might feature your partner doing what they love most. It can be a great expression of your life together, showcasing traditions and rituals that you shared for decades. Gershman doesn’t only work with human losses. A number of her customers request photomontages of their beloved pets.

Gershman has created montages for herself and her own loved ones, too. That was a one of a kind experience, being the person who drummed up the photos and memories. She uses Photoshop to create stunning visuals that quickly become family heirlooms and a beautiful living memory.

Nancy Gershman

Memory artist and psychotherapist, Nancy Gershman creates pictures of memories you have (or wish you had) of your loved one for healing, legacy and celebration. Bring her the stories that mean so much to you, and she will fashion a fine art, storytelling “photograph” from your personal photos and her own image library. So versatile, so dreamlike and so spot-on are her “Dreamscapes" that families display them at memorial services, mail them as thank you cards, wear them as reunion T-shirts, or snuggle up with them as blankets. To see how her bereaved and end-of-life clients feel about their Dreamscapes, visit Nancy’s gallery website, Art For Your Sake online, or call her at 773-255-4677 (EST).

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