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ABOUT KATHLEEN M. REHL, PH.D., CFP®, CeFT® Emeritus Kathleen owned Rehl Financial Advisors for 18 years before retiring to an active six-year encore career empowering widows through her speaking, writing, and research. As a financial planner, she specialized in working with widows and philanthropic planning. After her husband died, Kathleen authored the award-winning Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows. Now in her 78th year, she’s happily “reFired.” That’s not traditional retirement, as she inspires legacy and longevity planning while continuing to empower widows financially. Recently returning to her love of teaching, she’s Adjunct Faculty at The American College of Financial Services, in their Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® program. Years ago, Kathleen served as a gift planning officer and, before that, a university professor. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Next Avenue, Kiplinger’s, CNBC, Nerd’s Eye View, Humble Dollar, Sixty & Me, AgeBuzz, Rethinking65, and others. Numerous podcasts and webcasts have introduced their followers to Kathleen and her work. She’s frequently invited to speak at professional conferences as well as nonprofit organizations. Kathleen also mentors new widows, professionals working with widows, and charitably inclined individuals. As a zesty 4th quarter gal practicing positive aging, Kathleen gratefully continues to create and contribute . . . joyfully using her skills and experiences to encourage others to live their best life. She can be reached at KathleenRehl@gmail.com. Her website is https://www.kathleenrehl.com.