Sometimes life has the habit of kicking us in the teeth, perhaps through no fault of our own. Things gets tough and we have periods of sorrow and hurt, this could be the death of a loved one, a breakup of relationships or sickness. We have two options to dealing with what life throws at us and these are to give up and go into depression or to accept whatever happens in life and then move on with our lives, if we make the right choice then we grieve of course, then pick ourselves up and move on with our life.


Bereavement comes to us all eventually in life, sometimes it comes cruelly and strikes the young while others are taken expectedly when they have lived out their years, whenever bereavement chooses to strike it is just as heartbreaking for those left behind. Grieving will of course vary from person to person and there isn’t any set limit on the amount of time which we should or shouldn’t grieve, there are also many stages to grieving starting with shock, numbness, fear and unsettlement being just a few of the many feelings which can flow through a person during this time. Grieving however is a normal occurrence and an important one if we are to get over this time and eventually move on with or life, it is human natures way of letting go and you shouldn’t try to hide any feelings or thoughts during this time. Having someone you can turn to such as a family member or friend can help greatly during your greatest time of need and if you are lucky enough to have someone like this then it is essential that you take them up on their offer of being there for you.


Coping with a severe or life threatening illness can be devastating; it can bring a whole range of emotional problems along with physical disabilities. Finding that we have or someone we love very much has a life threatening or severe illness is devastating and brings feelings of fear, uncertainty and even denial before true acceptance. Denial to a degree is not necessarily a bad thing, if denial is used in a positive way, it can help to overcome problems to some degree and enable you to get back to living your life. However total denial and not accepting at all is something entirely different and if this is the case then you might need to seek help.

Break up of relationships

The break up of any relationship can be traumatic particularly if you have been together for many years and/or there are children involved in the relationship. Again fear plays a big part, fear of what the future will bring, how you will cope, feelings of betrayal and desertion all play an important role. Time usually plays a crucial factor in healing after a breakup and grieving to an extent over what is essentially a loss helps to get your thoughts and feelings out and enables you to move on with your life and take the next step forward into a new chapter.

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