my baby boy’s death

I wish no mother would ever have to go through what did . I lost my baby boy age 15 minuits old on the 4th december 2007 at u-h-w hospital in cardiff it was the worst day of my life he had spinabifida and hydrocephuls . He was the most beautyfulest baby u could of ever seen. he would have beein three on 4th december just gone . And it is very hard with out him but do u no what makes it even hard is that his proper due date was christmas day . I really dont no how im tryin to cope with it i really done but i tell u some thing it is hard really hard . An i do hope no other mother as to go through what im going through because it is heart breaking . Im really sorry cant say no more as its up settin g me to much to even talk about him .

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  • balakrishnan kumaresh says:

    I did not know the meaning of death , until i was in the funeral of my friends son aged 3…. i was only thinking of my son, who had a close resemblance of him. This had a the impact and has changed my life . Im sorry for you and God bless you & comfort you .

  • balakrishnan kumaresh says:

    May God comfort you & make you free & light as air not feeling any more pain for the rest of your life …. God bless you.