My brother was taken from me in 2010. I am finding it difficult coming to terms with never seeing him or hearing his voice again. I try to hide my grief and upset from those around me but when I am on my own I cry as i think about all the times we spent together and what he will miss out on in the years to come. People say that time heals but at the moment I dont believe that anything will make this easier for me. Nothing will ever be the same again for me – any happy occasion will be shadowed by the fact that he cannot share it with me and my parents. I know that life must go on but losing my him will shadow my life forever. he was such a unique character – he made everyone that he met laugh and that makes me even sadder knowing that so many people miss him. I am sorry for all of your losses and I understand your pain and hope that one day we will all be together with our loved ones.

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