my daughter and my best friend was killed

my daughter was killed by her husband she married 2 weeks prior to her death that horrible night in nov.4,2009. her murderer took thier roomate hostage held him with agun for 12 hours he finally gave himself up at 5p.m. in the morning i just finished the trial about 2 months ago this is the hardest thing i have ever been through in my whole entire life i miss my daughter every day of my life i cry for her alot even though her murderer got life in prision that still does”nt bring my daughter back the pain from how she died is incredible

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  • Gloria Horsley says:

    Really tough. Those who have been through a trial often put aspects of their grief on hold until after the trial. Don’t be surprised if your grief is intense. You will get through this. What you are experiencing is normal. Look for support and continue to share your story. You are not alone. Dr. Gloria

  • Kim Go says:

    lfine, I empathize with you and your pain. You have really been through it. I hope that you feel that you can continue to talk here, there are many people who will care and not shrink away from you and your pain. Be with us, we will be with you…

  • leslie fine says:

    thank you so much i just miss my daughter and i live so far away from meetings that i cant afford to drive to themthats why i wrote to you im glad someone understands alot of people shy away from me now i live in a small town everyone knows everyone i found alot of people treated me different after my daughter died people looked at me different its been a year and people still treat me different its christmas i have tried extremely hard to have a good christmas i went to her grave and cried christmas morning i put an angel on her grave because she is an angel then had diner with family and cried myself to sleep christmas nite the extreme pain that comes is unbearable there is defintely a big hole in my heartthat i dont know will ever go away thanks for writing me back i really do thank you from the bottom of my heart lfine