my daughter princess katrina

my only daughter katrina died of a drug overdose on 4/18/2008 she was found on the bathroom floor of a battered womens shelter she left behind her child genesis she died 2 days after her twin brother had his first child a girl i live in a small town with no support at all please any one who experienced any cituation alike please i would love to hear from you sincerly a desperate mother


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  • Hey,
    I remember when my Nanna died over the summer….when she died i died inside….You may not know because i don’t talk about it that much….I remember her in pain when she died and at that moment i wanted to die in her place 🙁 ……I miss her terebly ,It’s not fair that she died when i was there i think of myself as a curse ,because when i’m around someone the die in a few days…..

    Let me tell you something Titi ,
    i did a really STUPID thing when she died,
    and i can NEVER take it back…It hurts because now my Poppa is a widow and i can never see him that happy again…
    I don’t like to talk about it much ,but i guess now you know
    Your Neice