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Just read your link about holding hands, I didnt realize until I read that – how much that is missed. We too always held hands and they fit just right….I dont think there would ever be another hand that will fit so perfectly. Holding hands helped me feel better, safe, and loved. Jimmy had a motorcycle accident 2 blocks from my house on may 13 2008 – he was in hospitals and nursing homes for a torn spine until sept 11 2008 – the day he came home after much therapy , he learned how to walk again with a walker – but he had worked so hard that doctors were amazed by him. As was I! He couldnt scratch the top of his head, but he had a family who loved to scratch his itches. March 15 2009, i kissed him as i left for church and told him i would bring him back a surprise – he winked…when i came home at 1:11 he looked as if he was sleeping – so peacefully in his recliner – he didnt answer me when i said “i have some goodies from the bakery” I went closer and he wasnt there…he had passed while I was gone. In a way I am glad that I had him for those 10 months – and i took care of him along with our kids help, but sometimes I wonder why was he here suffering so for those 10 months…why didnt he just die the day of the accident? I miss him so, we were married 30 years, 3 kids and he was here to meet his grandson who was only 2 weeks when he passed away.
I wonder how does anyone get through th eloss of your best friend, lover, companion, your “glue”…
everyone says the 1st year was going to be the hardest…not if they have been through it…I think the 1st year was a BLURRRR, the 2nd is the hardest, now I know he is not here and he is not coming back.
I just want to know how I am ever going to be happy again??????


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  • Naman Khanna says:

    I lost my mother and sister in a car accident. I am also suffering the same and i can understand your grief. But i myself don’t know the answer. [email protected]

  • Anne Yates says:

    I think there will always be things to remind you of the person who you loved and cared for so much. In a way those little reminders are sharp stabs of pain, just to keep you from forgetting you have lost someone dear to you, but they are the best things to have. To have those small nagging little reminders are the things that make you remember. You remember why you loved them, how your hands felt as they touched and all the other fantastic and wonderful things you did together for all those 30 years. Things get better. Use the memories to remember how.