Jonathan came into this world on Aug 20, 1990. He was born with a head full of red hair. I was a single mom and was ready for our adventure. 5 year later I married a man and we had a daughter, Heather. I was content with my life, for awhile. I had one of each-a son and a daughter. 7 years later the marriage ended and I was back to being a single parent. The 3 of us were tight until Oct 16, 2009. My son was traveling from Hilton Head, SC to Summerville, SC for work. He had already worked 10 days straight, 14 hours a day. He was going to come home after Summerville and take a few days off to rest and spend time with family and friends. He never made it to Summerville. Jonathan fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a tree. He was not speeding but failed to have on his seat belt. He passed away instantly. He never knew. I hear people saw that they fear the worse call they could ever get about their child. So I ask what that fear is. They respond that their child is in jail. Oh how I wish I can have had that call instead from the coroner. That is the worse call. We never got to say goodbye, I love you, or anything.
this will be our second holiday season without Jonathan. Last year (our first) we were in a deep fog. I did not have Thanksgiving. My daughter and I stayed home alone. Christmas was horrible. I did not want to decorate. I did not want to leave home. My best friend (and my rock) talked me into atleast decorating since Jonathan loved Christmas time. So I did, with lots and lots of tears. But I am glad I did. I could feel him all around me. My daughter and I purchased a small 3 foot tree that we decorated with all his ornaments and added a few extras. We placed it in his room by the window for everyone to see. This year we have collected some more ornaments and plan on placing the tree in the dining room. I let his friends know to look for ornaments and to come place them on the tree in his HONOR. I am sure that next year, we will need a bigger tree. We will forever miss him and love him. Rest in Peace my son and one day we will be reunited. What a glorious day that will be!


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