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one year ago tonight our 27 year old high school art teacher who graduated amgna cum laude and loved her students and her profession succumbed to the pain and agony of self-medicating bipolar disease. she had developed it after years of anxiety and found pain killers could help ease her pain but of course they also ruined her life and in a psychotic break she hung herself with a clothesline and her daddy found her the next morning on his way to work. one year should help some but i do not feel better; i feel guilty; ifeel lost; iyearn for her like a terrible toothache and have sometimes thought about joining her…but i will not because my husband and son need me….any good advice out there???? thank you and may God bless all my fellow sufferers….jane

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  • Michelle Gallucci says:

    Healing and greving takes time, don’t worry about the time passed, worry about yourself and take care of your husband and son.It will get better, it takes time. seeing someone is also a good alternative.. You can do it-Michelle

  • Kay says:


    I know how you feel, we lost our 22yr old eldest son in 2009, it was sudden and unexpected.
    I just want you to know that your daughter will always be with you and around you, even though you may not be able to see her. She will appear in your dreams and connect with you.

    Until then, please take care of yourself , you need to think about your son and husband who are also grieving, please give your son more love and attention.

    You need to be strong and put one foot in front of the other everyday.

    Take Care,
    Sending you lots of love and Hugs,
    You can contact me if you want,