i am 24 yrz old…my papa loved me a lot he alwz encouraged me boosted me in all problems…he wanted me to be an officer in civil servicz….i am living in a very strict and narrow minded social set up,,,but my papa gave me full freedom of thought and expression,,,he waz much enlightend person despite of my social set up…..
i loved my father…bt in the last dayz of hiz life i waz not giving him much time….dont know what state of mind i had than ,,,i waz rude with him….he died suddenly ,,left me speechless ..it waz a huge loss of my bieng,,,,,papa i am misssng you….an i am guilty of not givng you attention…now i want to fullfill the dream of my father but whnevr i jot down the corage to sit and study,,,my thoughts started roaming around the time ipassed with my father….
terribly missng him,,,i want to die….realy want to meet him….i will hug him and will shed tears of guilt love care and attachment before him,
dnt know what to do…just missing you papa


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