Is this day of joy to be

while standing ‘fore my Christmas tree

the holidays are filled with grief

for many more than my time’s brief

but they lend space to introspect

contemplate what’s to be set

and what’s to change despite one’s fret

take, step down

from merry-go-round

produce a little smile for me

malice gone from thy brow

only to return anow

but not for now, no not for now

a respite to be for all to see

God forbid its peace to stay

yea, longer than these few days of joy and peace

for man’s long plight

a clear and beautiful darkened night

the fire licks and warms and pleases

such simple pleasure

such soul’s comfort

lost in warmth a soothing boon

a short return, the eternal womb

set me on the smoothest water

and sail me out a little farther

‘fore the morning wind begins

Dec. 23, 2004

Douglas Colthurst

Born in rural Illinois, graduated from a high school with total enrollment of one hundred seventy-five students. Attended the University of Illinois, majoring in Biology. Received a liberal arts degree. Went on to the University of Illinois Dental College and graduated with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree in 1981. Six months as the dentist for Pontiac Maximum Security Prison, Pontiac, Illinois. I have started a book on this time, entitled " The Walk ". Private practice of Dentistry, twenty-nine years, in a small community in northern Illinois. My writing started about seven years ago. I always wanted to explore the other side of my brain, but my sound, midwestern values coerced my efforts toward a paycheck for some time. Why poetry? Well, it just started somehow. Emotional stress does tend to bring out the best in writers, doesn't it? And also maybe for musicians, artists, and perhaps all human expression. "A Christmas Reflection" was written for our family Christmas dinner in 2004.

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