Prayer can be very effective in managing your fears and anxieties. There are countless  people who have experienced the power of prayer. Here are some reasons why prayer can be effective in managing your anxieties, fears, and stresses.

When you pray, you are asking God to help you manage your fears. God is the most powerful being in the universe and he is willing to help you if you ask him. Prayer is the way to do this.

You are tapping into the power of God when you pray. God is stronger than your fears and anxieties and prayer is the connection to the power of God. A simple prayer can do wonders in managing your anxieties. God is the one who has the power to help you.

When you pray to God, it sometimes takes some time to get your prayers answered. God works in mysterious ways and you do not know how your simple prayer will be answered. There are an endless number of opportunities for prayer to be effective in your life.

Praying works. There are many inspirational magazines and books on how people were helped through the power of prayer. Read some articles to get an idea on how effective prayer can be in your life. Never doubt the power of God. He loves you and he is willing to help you with your problems.

You can pray anywhere you want. You can pray at church or pray when you are at home. It doesn’t matter where you are located. The important thing is that you are sincere in your prayers.

The next time you feel anxious or fearful, say a simple prayer to God. God is listening and he will help you.

Stan Popovich 2012

Stan Popovich

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