by Pien Ris, MIM 19

From now on I will only speak with my own voice.
Learn how to use it, in integrity with my self.
Can only be found with very long introspection
preceding formation of words. For many,
silence is the only option. Listen to the tapes that run
ahead of your intention. Who are you? Today.
Wiggle silence out of your throat.
Communicate wordlessly more, suspend inner
talk, self talk, voices, space it out. Stretch time
while retrieving self information. Stress had brought
you into the out field. Learn about who you are,
scroll through your options, recognize the parties
and chose for you. Sometimes there are many to look at.
Sometimes they’re all gone. Messages begin to arrive,
like playing cards flicked into a room, from an empty
threshold. W H O. A R E . Y O U. Me? Are you more then one?
You, me, why fear polyphonic voices? Just keep holding on
tight, all fingers clenched around the ropes, the cluster of your
(well)being, the ones you remember like parents, males, females.
And beyond that? Have you been given extraordinary seeing powers,
now that your eyes are waning, your mind becomes clear?
Go there, wade in, swim with the dolphins, the seals, the whales,
the sharks, the plankton, the salt, the sun, the air. Loose
your self in the infinity of creation, going back to where you
all have the same ancestor. When you arrive, ping back the
joy you found, keep it going, signal your self, throughout time,
back to front, front to back. Until you merge, and you move on.


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