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If you feel you aren’t able to receive messages from your deceased loved ones, don’t despair! All you need to do is to ask them to give you “without a doubt signs” so you know without a doubt they are around you. Then after you ask, just be patient and wait. You won’t have to look for these signs; the signs will come to you. In this chapter I’ll be talking about the most common signs the departed love to give to their living loved ones.

They Come Through as an Animal

Your loved ones are able to use their energy to go inside of an animal, such as a butterfly, ladybug, bird, dragonfly, or any other animal – for a brief period of time. The animal would do something it usually wouldn’t, such as land on you, peck at your window, shriek, etc. I have heard so many stories from clients, friends, and family of usual animal appearances, that it would take a book in itself to include them all. However, because of space and time constraints, I’m just going to share two stories here.

One of the most incredible instances of a loved one coming through as an animal occurred as I was teaching a class on how to connect with the celestial realm. With all the signs that I’ve heard about and experienced, it is still one of my all-time favorites!

Butterfly Appears Out of Nowhere 

Right after I had been teaching a class on the signs our loved ones give to let us know they are around, Angela’s deceased father and brothers came through with pertinent messages. Her father was dominating the conversation, making sure Angela knew he was there for her. Shortly afterwards, it was time for a break, so everyone stood up to stretch and get something to eat.

As soon as Angela arose from the couch, an orange and black butterfly just appeared from behind her! It circled around and around her as she was walking. I knew right away it was one of her deceased loved ones, and when I mentally asked which one it was, I clearly heard the name Frank, which was Angela’s father’s name.

The butterfly landed on her head, stayed there awhile, and circled around her again. It proceeded to land on her face where it continued to flap its wings, and according to her, it even kissed her on her cheek! He stayed by her for a few more minutes, then flew into the kitchen and eventually disappeared.

When all of this was happening, I just stood there with my mouth open, completely stunned! Her father couldn’t have come at a more perfect time; it was almost right on cue, immediately after we talked about “without a doubt signs!” Everyone in the class had witnessed his miraculous appearance, and saw tangible proof of what we had just been discussing. It was all so truly amazing!

They Place Objects in Your Path

Your loved ones also like to place significant things in your path. I have had clients come to me with jars filled with feathers, coins, and objects they’ve found in the most unusual places. Here’s a story of how my mom did this for me, when she left random dollar bills in my path right after she made her transition.

Mom Pays off Her Debt After She Passes

The week before my mom died, she was telling my family and me that she was sorry she didn’t get Christmas presents for anyone. (She couldn’t because she wasn’t able to get out of bed!) She promised to make it up to all of us on Easter. Of course we told her it was okay, and not to worry about it.

She still wasn’t happy about not giving us anything and turned to me and said, “Karen, may I borrow $7? Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back.” I just smiled, gathered up seven singles, and gave them to her.

She then proceeded to hand a single dollar bill to each person, saying, “One for you, one for you, one for you…,” until all seven dollars were handed out. She was finally satisfied that she was able to give us all something that day.

After she passed away, I forgot all about this incident — until I started finding one-dollar bills in the most random places. One day I found one on my couch. The same day I found one on the floor in my waiting room, and then in my office.

A few days later I found one in my car, and finally began to wonder why I was finding all these dollars. Just as I was asking myself this question, I felt my mother’s presence next to me, saying, “I told you I’d pay you back! I love you with all my heart.”

I just started to cry and answered her, “Ma, you didn’t have to pay me back. And I love you with all my heart.”

A few weeks later a friend of mine made me a shadow box that contained pictures and memorabilia of my mom. Within the box, she included a one-dollar bill. She said she didn’t know why, but she felt compelled to include it.

I can’t wait to find the remaining dollars from my mom because that will mean she is still around me, letting me know she is there. Her determination to pay me back is so typical of her; when she was here on earth, she always made sure to “maintain a good credit rating,” so it’s no surprise at all that she continues to make sure she pays off all her debts now as well.

They Make Songs Come on at the Perfect Time

Make sure to notice if your loved ones’ favorite songs with the exact words you need to hear come on at perfect, unexpected times. It is their way of saying, “Pay attention! I’m really with you.”

Such was the case with Rita, when she received this type of sign right in the middle of an appointment she had with me.  As her father was coming through with messages, I stopped and asked him to give Rita some “without a doubt signs” to let her know he was around her. Right after I had said, “Come on, please comfort her and give her a sign,” Rita’s cell phone rang. The ring tone on her phone was the song Let it Be, Rita’s favorite song. She knew it was her father, giving her the sign we had just requested.  If that wasn’t enough, a few minutes later, her cell phone rang again, and it said “Dad” on the caller ID. She tried calling the number back, but no one answered.

Rita left that day knowing her precious father was around her. How wonderful that he understood what we had requested of him and gave his daughter these awesome signs on demand to make her aware of his loving presence. Now she is finally able to “Let It Be,” because she finally realizes that he really is okay and is watching over her and her family!


They Play with Electricity

Your deceased loved ones also love to play with electricity. They like to flicker lights, turn the television and radio on and off, make appliances beep for no apparent reason, and so much more.

Last week, I met with a woman named Dorothy to connect with her husband who had recently passed. In the reading, her husband said that he had been the one who was opening and closing her garage door. Dorothy could hardly believe it. She questioned, “At 2 a.m. when my garage door opens – that’s him?” It sure was!  And he wasn’t finished.

Over the weekend, I heard my own garage door open by itself. That never occurred before and I didn’t understand how it could have happened. Then a few days later, when I was meditating, Dorothy’s husband came to me and said he was the one who had opened my garage door as well. I called Dorothy to tell her about my unexpected visit from him, and she was amazed!

So the next time your kitchen light flickers, it may be time to change the bulb, or it may even be your loved one saying, “Hi, I’m here!”


These were some of the most common ways your deceased loved ones may be letting you know they are around you, but the list can go on and on. If you haven’t received any of these signs, simply ask your loved ones to give you “without a doubt signs” to let you know they are there.  The more you are aware of the signs they are giving you, the more they will continue to come to you. Just be patient, and I promise that they will give you the signs you’ve always wanted.


Karen Noe

Karen Noe is a renowned New Jersey-based psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of "The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones," "Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium's Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now," and "Your Life After Their Death: A Medium's Guide to Healing After a Loss." She is the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Ramsey NJ, where she teaches classes, gives readings, and practices alternative healing. You can listen to Karen on The Angel Quest Radio Show by tuning to on the first Saturday of every month at 1.05pm Eastern. P

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