Creating a Legacy Video

Documentary photographer Todd Hochberg talks about Moments Held, Legacy Work, which is an organization that connects families with documentarians like himself to capture the most poignant moments of life. Hochberg’s legacy videos are a popular option when a family knows that a loved one will pass soon, often from a terminal illness. For all the photos we take, sometimes on a daily basis, legacy photos are different. They capture the sheer joy of moments and showcase your loved one in their truest form. For Hochberg, it’s a way to blend his passions and skills with a means of service.

Legacy is an exploration of one’s place in a time of transition according to Hochberg. It’s not just a chronological display of life’s events. This particular moment may be in a chronological order, but it’s not presented that way. Hochberg approaches families with open-ended questions to gauge if there’s an end of life situation. Next, exploring those questions leads both parties to see if legacy work is best for everyone involved.

Distinct Heirlooms

Hochberg worked with one man who had small children. This man privately shared some very personal values with Hochberg, including hopes and dreams for his children. Together, the two men created a video legacy where he could share with his children the information he wanted them to know. It opened up a great space for experience and communication. You can make your legacy video anything you’d like, and there’s no set protocol for how to do it.

Creating such a legacy is a fantastic means of sharing messages, dreams, and love with those you care about. It becomes an instant keepsake, and gives those who are dying a platform to say what can often be difficult. Is a legacy video the right choice for your family?


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