Please don’t be afraid. Yes, life is different now but remember when it was beautiful? Well, it will be again, though not the same. The wounds will heal, your tears will dry and though scars remain, I know you are strong enough to live through the pain.

Do not grieve and linger in the shadows of graves. Go out into the sunshine and tell everyone that I was here. Let our enemy know that when we were together we lived, and worked and loved. And though I am gone, you will carry on for me because you must.

Tell my family how much I loved them and still do. Remember the good we shared, the life we created, and walk forward with noble dreams. God can’t fill a shattered heart or a clenched fist. Let fear die and let love flow again like a river.

So as the smoke rises high above the ash, gather all your strength and rebuild something new, something better. It’s not impossible. It’s essential. It’s what I would do for you.

Just one last thing, surely you must know, I never wanted to leave you. I was captured by fate, escorted by angels. And though you might feel you are alone, you are not and neither am I

Love always

Copyright by Rosanne Pellicane

Rosanne Pellicane

Rosanne Pellicane

Rosanne Pellicane, a distinguished Interior Designer, has written and published meticulously crafted articles on Antiques, Interior Design, and Historic Preservation. In 2001, The New York City Fire Museum selected her poem, If They Could Speak, as the keynote for their Permanent 9/11 Exhibit. This honor remains the pinnacle of her writing career. She Came From Heaven is her first book. Ms. Pellicane, along with her black Lab, Blue, reside on Long Island.

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