It was June 11th when my grandmother was diagnode with cancer noone expected this news my grandma was always so energetic,cheerful and upbeat. It was so hard for the family to cope with the news but we all thought that we would have more time with her, sadly her illness took drastic and fast effects on her. She died in August and Im not feeling better I have a heavy heart because I feel I shouldve dedicated more time to her during the last days. I have a 5 mnth old and she only got to carry him once because she was so weak. I cant stop feeling so sad and tormented about the way she died she was so kind, cheerful and loving she didnt deserve to die the way she did. When I think about her I want to cry and never stop its itring and I have two boys I take of but this has taken my interest in life and it makes me so angry at myself that im not all there for my children at the moment. If someone relates to my story please tell how you found peace and happiness again.


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