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This book was created to help you work through your grief of losing someone you love. Although the title suggests that you write in in daily, you may take as much time as you need to complete it.
Some days you may complete more than one entry, and other days you may not feel up to writing. This is okay. Don’t feel guilty if you are having a day where you cannot form the words to put onto the paper. Grief is a long, difficult process and it takes time to be able to cope with the overwhelming emotions.

There are 365 journaling prompts in this workbook. Each prompt has a full lined page in which to write your memory. There may be some prompts that resonate with you more than others or that fit your own situation better than others. Feel free to insert your own prompt if the one listed doesn’t apply to you.

Once this project is finished, you will have a thick book of memories and memorabilia of your loved one, that you will be able to read again and again. You may want to pass it on to your children or another family member, so they will know about the person that means so much to you.

My hope is that this book brings you a sense of comfort and that you will cherish the memories as you recall them. Below are several examples of the daily journaling prompts in the book:

Day 1: Write about your favorite memory of your loved one. Remember where you were and what they were doing. What were they wearing? What was the weather like that day? Did they say something funny or something that you will always remember? Sit quietly and remember the moment.

Day 121: Write about a card or letter that you received from your loved one. Describe the card or letter that your loved one gave you and what it means to you. If you still have it, attach a copy of it to this page.

Day 140: Write about something that triggers your anger about your loss. Is there something that you will think of or see that brings up feelings of anger about
your loved one’s passing? Do you have anger about medical staff or negligence on the part of someone else? Is there a song, a commercial or a TV show that triggers these feelings?

Day 163: What would you do if you had just five more minutes with your loved one? If there was only five minutes that you could spend with your loved one, would you wrap your arms around them? Would you ask them an important question? Would you tell them how much they mean to you? What would you do with that time?

Day 264: Write about something that made you feel good today. When reflecting back on the day, what has happened that made you feel comfort or joy? Perhaps it is something as simple as a hot cup of tea and a soft blanket. Maybe it was a phone call or a hug from a friend. Describe something that made your day better.

Day 295: Attach candy wrappers from your loved one’s favorite candy. Enjoy eating the candy and think of them while you do.

Day 298: Write about a sign that you have had from your loved one. Have you received a sign from your loved one, such as a certain song on the radio, a symbol that only you and they would understand? Describe the signs that they have shown you and how you felt when you got them.

Day 320: Write about how your loved one helped you during a difficult time. Was your loved one there for you while you were going through a rough patch? If so, how did they support you and make you feel better? Were they the type to always lend a helping hand or was it difficult to get them to help you?

Day 360: Write about how it felt to hug your loved one. When you hugged your loved one, was it usually a long hug or a quick one? Did you have to reach up or down or were you at the same height? Can you recall their scent when you hugged them? Do you remember your last hug?

I dedicate this book to my precious son, Alexander. His short life on earth impacted every fiber of my soul. It is only by the experience of losing my first born son, that I have grown into a stronger person. Without such a tremendous loss, I would not have learned how to appreciate all that is around me.

I also dedicate this book to my sister, Lisa, who recently passed away from cancer. I had started this book years ago, but never finished it. After I experienced the deep pain of fresh grief once again, I knew that I had to finish this book.

It is because of Alex and Lisa that this book is written and helping others. Their memory will live on, by indirectly comforting the hearts of those who are grieving their own loved ones.


Lora Mercado

In 2003, Lora C Mercado lost her infant son Alex, due to a congenital heart defect. After several years of working through her own grief, she felt the urge to help others who are experiencing such great loss and sadness. In tribute to her son's passing, Lora has been on a quest to help bring peace to those who are in a state of grief with her healing and inspirational books. Her first book, "Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond", includes true stories from people across the globe, who have had connections with loved ones who have passed away. These experiences will astound you and leave you with a comforting warmth, that the ones that we love never really leave our side, and are always encouraging us along the way. “365 Days of Healing: A Daily Workbook for Overcoming the Pain of Grief” is her latest book on grief healing. It can be found at Aside from authoring fifteen books, Lora C. Mercado is also a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and ordained minister, who has married over 100 couples.

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