My husband Keith spent 10 months battling cancer. Together we fought it….chemo, radiation and more radiation. He was in so much pain we had to go to hospice. They gave him so much morphine – I feel like that is what killed him. He died 2 weeks after we went to hospice house.
I have so much guilt and anger. Why did I let them take him to hospice house? I thought they would just adjust his medication and send him home. He never came home. We were just about to retire together and he worked so hard all of his life and never got to retire.
He was the best husband ever. He treated me like a queen. I miss him so much.
Just now I was crying so hard it sounded like wailing and I even scared myself.

The sadness and loss seems to get worse as the days go by.

I sleep with his jean jacket because it smells like him.

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