It been six months (yesterday) since my brother died suddenly.

A unknown man on the end of the phone, spoke to me.
He told me you were dead.
He bought me to my knees.
His news shattered my life beyond repair.

I sobbed as I tried to recall and reclaim your life back.
The screams that I howled, felt like they were coming out of someone else’s body.
The weight of my body collapsed on the floor, like some sacrificial emptying.
I took the form of the lifeless balloon, after its air had escaped.

How often I think of you and I.
Talking, walking, eating, dancing, laughing.

Months ago you were put to rest.
Months ago our family began life’s ultimate test.
Trying to live a life without YOU .

Today I look hard for a break in the dark shadow that surrounds my life.
We shadowed each other in life, and we will do so in your death.


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