A Poem for Leah

– I?m a little over a year without Leah and the yearning has resurfaced- hard. I have to brace myself when I visit public spots. Plus I have the summer task of cleaning out and selling my little house where she lived and died.

Poetry try #1

Leah I?m in hell here
My reality is I?m here but you are there
I cant reach you
Laura says I?ll see you again
Buddha says I need to work with my mind
Insatiable lust for leah
Will we ever be back?
To touch each other
So that I can gaze on your face
You catch me with your brown black eyes,
tell me to quit it.

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  • Debra Reagan says:

    Thank you for sharing your poem with us. You have done a wonderful job of putting the feelings shared by all of us into this touching poem. One of the things I miss the most are the hugs.

    I am sorry you have the task of cleaning out and selling your house. I hope you have a dear friend to help you during this process.

    I will be thinking of you.


  • Jamie says:

    Thanks Debra- Lana?s poem for Alicia inspired me to write my feelings. I was sobbing about this awful place I?m in, and the words spilled out. They say exactly what I needed to say! I felt like I?d accomplished something. And bam back to reality. I still don?t have my Leah.
    I absolutely loved hearing you and your friends on the radio. You touched on many things that apply here.
    I do have a dear friend to help clean, ready and sell my house. He is my husband! We went ahead and as planned married a month after Leah’s death. It was tough to do but I am glad we did.
    got your hug- thanks jamie
    ps hugs to you