Ok i suppose I start by saying I lost my partner Michael on May 16th 2007 he was only 37 years old fit and healthy.I went to bed on that Tusday night late so Mick had been asleep for awhile then early hours Wednesday morning the twins woke me up they wanted a bottle so i got up to get them 1.On the way back to bed Mick passed me he went to the toilet and came back to bed.I was awake and he knew this but as soon as he got the covers up and got comfy I thought he started to snore so I wacked him and told him to stop snoring.Mick didnt answer me and the noise wasnt sounding to good so I jumped out of bed and turned the light on to find Mick having a seizure.I quickly ran out grabed my mobile and rang 000 at the same time grabing the maple syrup out of the fridge because Mick had type 1 diabities.I put some on my finger and put it around the inside of his lips, the seizures had stopped and he wasnt respondind to anything I cecked his breathing and found he wasnt breathing and had no pulse.I got ready to start cpr when the ambulance arrived.They worked on Mick for an hour and a half but nothing could be done he was gone.
His blood sugars were slightly high so that isnt what caused the seizure so I still dont know what killed him they say it can take up to 6 months here in australia. So from the time he got back into bed to the time he took his last breath was only 10 minutes.I miss him sooooooooo much and the hurt and pain is to much to bare at times, but i have to get up and do things because I have 1 year old twins and a 10 year old son to take care of.I love you Michael and will miss you forever a part of me died with you and until we meet again it will be lost for good.


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