I am a 32yr old Widow. I was almost 28 at the time of my husbands death due to a tragic car accident and just into my third month of marriage. This September would be a celebration of our 5yr wedding anniversary. Although, it is only July?I am having bitter-sweet memories & tear as that was the happiest day of my life. I was told by a friend last week that I basically shouldn?t be crying anymore! What??? The tears/sadness aren?t like they used to be, my pain is less often than the one year, two year, etc. I am getting out and wanting to meet men again, but I know I will always remember my husband. We were together many years before marrying and it isn?t something I can pretend didn?t happen. Right? I attended a grief group, counselors, specialists, etc. I know it?s ok to remember him and say his name. However his family doesn?t see it that way. I really don?t have much connection with our ?circle of friend couples? either. I would just like to hear what someone from the outside has to say. I told my friend that I would never wish this on anyone, but you don?t know how I?m supposed to react until you?ve walked in my shoes. Believe me, I have made great progress & smile when I have a memory of him, etc. I was so lucky to have been his wife, even if it was for a little while. Thank you!

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