Beth Hewett

Beth L. Hewett knows grief from personal experience, and she has a heart for those who grieve their loved ones. Her desire to help other bereaved people led to her work as a Certified Thanatologist (CT) with the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and as a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care™ Provider with the MISS Foundation. She also has earned a certificate in Death and Grief Studies from the Center for Loss and Life Transition and is a former National Catholic Ministry for the Bereaved Minister of Consolation Trainer.


Tasks and Needs of Mourning

Tasks of Mourning Psychologist Dr. William Worden’s four tasks of mourning give grounding to much of grief research today. Worden saw mourning as the outward expression of grief. The tasks […]

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Making Sense of Grief Through Mindful Writing

Making Sense of Grief Through Mindful Writing One way to address grief-filled paradigm change and transition is to engage in mindful writing exercises. Telling one’s story mindfully means sharing it […]

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Open to  hope

Why We Mourn

Cascade of Losses One July day, just ten days after his twentieth wedding anniversary and two days before his oldest child’s eighteenth birthday, my brother fell from the sky. I […]

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Common Workplace Losses

There are many types of losses. Two that occur often in the workplace are loss of a parent and loss of a child. Here are some thoughts about these two […]

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Grief in the workplace

How Workplaces Handle Grief

Different Workplaces, Different Risks The death of a coworker can have a profound impact in the workplace. This impact often can be seen throughout the workforce—and, as workplace grief and […]

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Helping Co-workers After a Loss

Helping Co-workers After a Loss Grief is a major workplace challenge—even without pandemic conditions. Bereavement experts (see Bento, 1994, for example) have seen workplace grief as “disenfranchised” insofar as the […]

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First Responder Grief: Moral Injury

First Responder Grief: Moral Injury  One of the least noticed griefs that first responders experience is what is known as moral injury, the broken trust with a worldview that includes […]

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First Responder Grief: The Importance of Hope

First Responder Grief is Common When a critical incident occurs for a first responder, it’s become common to hear, “Thoughts and prayers!” These kind words help because they convey caring […]

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What to Look for in a Grief Companion

By Beth L. Hewett, PhD, CT When we’re grieving and want support from a grief companion, it’s important to choose helpers who understand grief, purposeful mourning, soulful and spiritual work, […]

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Socially Present Grief in a Time of Physical Distance

Three weeks ago, a beloved deacon in the church suddenly died. His death occurred on a Tuesday morning, so the church was reliant on word of mouth and funeral notices […]

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