When I am my saddest and most bereft, I turn to spirit. I know that although I cannot see spirit, that spirit exists. I know that spirit exists because in 1971, I had an extraordinary healing experience with the late British spiritual healer Harry Edwards and I felt energy around all around me and somehow this energy healed my body. 

Up until this time in my life, I didn’t believe in anything that you couldn’t see. But then I was presented with this invisible energy that I could actually feel and a very wonderful healing that took place in my body and I simply had to know more. I had merely sent a letter to this kind man in England and within 48 hours of my letter’s delivery, I was surrounded in something so positive that I could not deny its existence. 

Now I knew that powerful energy existed that I could not see. Through reading Mr. Edward’s books, I understood that this energy had been directed to me by “spirit doctors” that worked with him. This presented even more invisible things behind the scenes from what I could see. 

What I find equally fascinating is this: Mr. Edwards felt that beyond the healing of the sick, spiritual healing has an even more profound purpose. He said that the fact that spiritual healing exists and takes place proves that we (you and me) are in part spirit now. He explained that in order for the energy directed to me from spirit to be able to make any kind of change, I would need a receptor in me, capable of receiving this energy. His wish for mankind was that this truth would be understood: that we are spirits now, in these bodies and that this spirit is eternal and never dies….the bottom line message being that we have nothing to fear in death. 

Because I know this is real and because I also know that spirit is invisible both in me and around me, I call upon it and I use it. When I am sad, I sit or lie in my bed, I close my eyes and I start my breathing. I believe that Danny and some other significant loved ones in spirit, including Harry Edwards are near and so I continue my breathing adding visualization. I envision breathing in cool healing energy and breathing out warm healing energy. I envision breathing their love into me. I envision breathing out my love to them. 

When I am my most in need, this is what I do. I turn inward and open up my spirit to receiving healing, love and support from my loved ones in spirit. I believe that I connect-up with spirit for I am lifted in many ways. Far more reliable than going to another person, is to open up your spirit to spirit. It’s easy enough to do. Try it!

Sheri is the founder of The Prayer Registry-a free service for all bereaved parents at www.sheriperl.com/the-prayer-registry

For true stories from bereaved parents of connection to their children in spirit see: connectinspirit.tumblr.com



Sheri Perl

Sheri Perl is a spiritual healer and counselor, author, teacher, and interfaith minister. She became involved in spiritualism in a desperate attempt to save her life. At age sixteen, Sheri was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After years of medical treatment, she was fighting for her life on the operating table. While recovering from surgery, a second illness contracted through blood transfusions was declared fatal. At this time Sheri contacted British spiritual healer, Harry Edwards, “purely out of desperation.” To her amazement, the healing stopped her illness in its tracks, and returned her liver functions to normal. As a result of this experience, Sheri opened the doors to spiritual exploration. She has studied with many great mediums and healers, eventually earning her doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling from the Open International University, Institute for Alternative Medicine. Her book, “Healing From the Inside Out” chronicles her experience with illness and spiritual healing and shares what she has learned along the way. In 2008, her 22-year-old son Daniel died of an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs. Needless-to-say, Sheri suffers greatly from this loss; however, what helps her is the knowledge that Daniel is safe in the spirit world and “connecting up” with him through thought, feelings, dreams, signs and reputable mediums. Sheri is currently working on a new book to share her perspective with others who are mourning. She recently created the PRAYER REGISTRY for parents who wish to join with others to send group prayers out to their child on the anniversary day of their passing. You can read more about Sheri and the Prayer Registry at her website, www.sheriperl.com or visit her own blog, “Loss, Bereavement and Connecting Up” at www.sheriperlmigdol.wordpress.com

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