Imagine not only demanding input from your recently deceased wife, but getting a response. This is the experience that led Mike Russell out of the complicated and harsh world of bereavement and into the process of discovering life again. Through the telling of this true story, he finds that there is life after death for himself, and he also finds the spiritual connections to a world unseen as he connects the dots placed in front of him.

This book will give readers who have lost someone to death a chance to reflect on their own stories while giving hope that there is indeed a way out of the darkness that humans have created around the subject of death and grief. The writings emerge from the deepest crevices created when death occurs and wonderfully unfold into life with the help of a deep and eternal love.

Follow Mike’s journey from the uncompromising yet truthful demand he made of his wife after her death, through his path to save himself. The journey is accomplished with the help of inspired input from sources outside of his normal thought process, along with the help of an Archangel and poetry inspired from his deceased wife, and personal messages that cover a two-year period of reflection. Grief is never an easy path to take, but this book will hopefully give grieving readers comfort as they move through the fog of uncertainty and into their own light through these heartfelt messages of love, forgiveness, pain, and humor.

Although written from the often-lost world of a man’s perspective, this book is for every adult who is grieving the loss of a family member or other loved one.

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