Dear Heidi,

You may use anything that I have sent you on your blog. I am honored that you would like to use it. If you can wait a day or two, Kina said she would resend her Victim Impact Statement to me. I can then send it to you. When she sent it to me the pictures were in color. I do not know why they are now in black and white. I would like you to see them in color also.

Did you open the attachment with my Victim Impact Statement on one of my previous emails?

I am also attaching my husband’s ( Don, Krystal’s stepdad), Victim Impact Statement in case you and your mom think it might be helpful for bereaved stepdads.

The trial was in August 2005, and the woman who killed Krystal received a sentence of 15 years in prison and then 5 years probation. She was “celebrating” her 39th birthday, going from house to house drinking the night she killed Krystal. I do not think about her often.

I had read months ago on Healing the Grieving Heart that your family was being blessed with a new daughter. How wonderful that Alexander has a sister and you have two precious children. I am truly happy for you.

With thanks and gratitude,

Jo Ann


Victim Impact Statement Dianesha Johnson v. State of Florida

Honorable Peter Dearing

I met Krysal Duss some eleven years ago when I began to date her then divorced mother. All did not start out well, but over the years Krystal accepted me into her family as her stepfather. When the twins were born, I was their grandpa and enjoyed every minute, you see, I am a twin myself. Over the years Krystal and I grew close as only a stepdaughter and stepfather could.

Krystal would call me and ask for recipes or to brag about her children, then one year old twins named, Danny and Andy. As a matter of fact I was the first to baby sit her infant twins, by myself, when they were just two weeks old. Krystal and I were not only stepdaughter and stepfather, but trusted friends as well.

The loss of Krystal has been devastating to the entire family; Mom, Dad, Sisters, Close Friends not to mention her Church Family.

Dianesha Johnson, while in the trauma room, scored a 15 on the consciousness scale which is the highest. Just as conscious as you read and I write this Victim Impact Statement. Dianesha Johnson told the EMT twice she was drinking and driving the night she slammed her vehicle into Krystal and Joe Duss minivan. That same night she also told the lead investigator she was drinking and driving the night she killed Krystal Duss in a horrific car crash. Dianesha Johnson was right next to Krystal in the trauma room. I know this, because I was there beside Krystal’s dead, lifeless body, as they wheeled Dianesha Johnson, her husband Larry Johnson and Krystal’s husband Joe in and out of the trauma room for x-rays and tests. Dianesha knew early on she killed someone in her drunken state at the wheel of her new Nissin Altama, which she only would drive herself. If she did not hear the doctor pronounce Krystal Duss dead at 1:13am, December 10, 2003, she most certainly heard Krystal’s mother cry, I want my baby back! Dianesha Johnson knew early on she killed someone that night in the crash in which she crossed several lanes and hit Krystal’s minivan head on, at a high rate of speed.

Dianesha Johnson had no defense. She knew it. If she had pleaded guilty and had taken the plea agreement offered her, which by the way all the close friends and family members signed off on, it would have saved the family and friends of Krystal Duss a lot of great pain and sorrow not to mention the time and expense the state spent preparing the case against her.

I now come before you, Your Honor, and ask you to go over the Florida sentencing guidelines of 15 years DUI Manslaughter and 5 years DUI Serous bodily Injury because:

1.) Dianesha Johnson knew she was driving her car that night.

2.) Dianesha Johnson tried to blame someone else.

3.) Accepting no culpability what-so-ever, even after guilty verdict.

4.) No remorse at all! Did not even look remorseful during the entire trial!!

5.) Not accepting the plea agreement, which all the family members and close friends of Krystal signed off on. Which was (0 – 10 years).

6.) Pain, depression, anxiety, great grief, that Dianesha caused Krystal’s family members and close friends when she did not admit she was the driver of the of the vehicle that killed Krystal Duss, stretching this into a 18 month ordeal.
7.) No matter how depressed a pschyiatrist says Dianesha Johnson is,it is in no way to be compared to the depth and devastating depression and deep constant grief suffered by the family and close friends of Krystal Duss.

In closing, Your Honor, if there is any way possible to give Dianesha Johnson more than 20 years in prison, then I plead with you to do so. I also ask that you revoke permanently, Dianesha Johnson’s driving privileges for the rest of her natural life in all 50 states of the United States of America.


Donald Webb – Krystal’s Stepfather


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