Wow Jo Ann:
What a powerful and moving e-mail. Thank-you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your daughter Krystal with me. I can’t even imagine the pain you’ve been through in losing your daughter. My heart goes out to you as a mother, as well as Krystal’s children, and sisters’. I can relate to what Krystal went through to get her wonderful boys, and I am so sorry that she is not hear to enjoy them as they grow up. After my 8 yr. old son was born I tried for yrs. to have another child, after many surgeries I was told that I would never be able to have another child. It was very important to me that I give Alexander a sibling, b/c my brother Scott and my two surviving sisters were everything to me, and I wanted my son to experience the joy of growing up with siblings.

My dream finally came true 11 mos. ago when I went to China to adopt my daughter (who was then 13 mos.). As soon as I held her I knew that this was the daughter that I was always meant to have. I would like to end this e-mail with some profound statement that would bring you a lifetime of comfort but there are no such words…………………..
Just know that no matter how much time has passed your memories of Krystal will never fade.
p.s.-We appreciate your feedback about our show and depend on our listeners to provide honest feedback about all our shows, so that we will gain a better understanding of what works for people in their grief journey.

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