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Hi Dr. Gloria-
I found your show with guest Dr. Francesca to be extremely interesting. I wish I had her book the first year of grief since I also felt all my grief on a cellular level.? I thought the call in student said it well when she spoke of feeling the loss of the connection with? your loved one. Where? does all that energy go? I think that is the most profound feeling when it is a loss of a child.

It’s amazing how the grief starts to shift over the first couple of years and there is a release of that bodily pain and you can start to remember happy times and the life not just the death of your loved one. You find you still can have a relationship with your child in a different way.
I do want to add that my son died by suicide and we are practicing? Catholics.? Our priest was one of the first to arrive at our home and he was extremely helpful. He was the only one who could calm me down by assuring me that our son was in heaven. We have been very open about depression and mental illness and what led to his taking his life.
The Pastor of our church said a beautiful funeral mass for him , a wonderful homily and Christian Rite of Burial. So things have greatly changed in the Catholic church. That view was from? Middle Ages.

Once again , thank for the wonderful show.
Kim Hodne

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your response, and the update on the change in the Catholic Church about suicide.
The loss of my mother indeed did have a deep cellular effect on my body. I feel that it relates to the physical connection between mother and child – the severance of an intuitive umbilical cord. This perhaps contributes to the intense feeling of loss and grief on a body level.
Recent research in molecular biology and epigentics reports that emotional memories are imprinted in our molecules. This supports the theory that when the living connection to those memories is severed with the death of a loved one (especially a mother-child) -? biological grief is felt at a cellular level. Numerous holistic modalities have shown good results in releasing the grief feeling from the body. My grief was healed through? deep tissue bodywork, homeopathy, meditation and positive affirmations.? It is a gift to be able to create a renewed connection with the spirit of a loved one based on joyful memories.
Blessings to you.
With Good Thoughts,
Francesca McCartney, PhD
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Dear Kim,
Contact me after reading my book if you have any comments or questions.
With Good Thoughts,

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