Discovery Channel is doing research for a new show that deals with people who spent amounts of time videotaping their lives and their adventures. We are looking to tell the stories of people through their own video footage.

For a segment that deals with grief and grief support, we are looking for people who have spent time videotaping? themselves or loved ones as they deal with grief or the events leading up to grief. We are looking for people that
kept video journals, diaries or even videotaped a loved one leading up to their passing. We are hoping that there are people out there that used the medium of video to help deal with their own grief.

The goal of this new series is to allow people to honor a loved one. We will want the participation of the person who shot the footage in the show, and in no way or means are we looking to exploit or catch anyone off guard.

If you feel like you might have some video footage that fit this description, please send your name, where you are located and a description of your footage to:


Thank you.

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