It was an extraordinary night dreaming about my daughter.
In the dream, my throat was covered with layers of stuff that prevented me from speaking out. I began coughing and coughing and could hardly stop. With each cough, some of the layers dropped away.
My family in spirit, including my deceased daughter Jasmine, were around me, cheering me on to write. WRITE. WRITE. COME ON, WRITE!
Okay. I am. I will. Yes!
Then I saw in my mind those football rattles that go round and round making celebratory noises, and there were whoops of laughter all around me. Jasmine stays behind and gently rests her head on my lap.
So beautiful, so confirming, dreaming about my daughter. Thank you, Jasmine.

Patsy Freeman

Patsy’s Bio Born in Dublin, Ireland, Patsy now lives in England. Initially, trained as a State Registered Nurse, she then went on to train in preventive health work. This involved visiting families in their own homes, offering health guidance where appropriate. In her early forties, Patsy’s professional life changed direction when she gained a degree in psychology. She followed this with a certificate in counselling (including NLP and hypnotherapy). She was offered a counsellor post in a busy GP practice. After several years, she decided it was time to open her own private practice. Following the death of her father in 2004, Patsy took a year out to travel. Having always held a deep respect for the ways and beliefs of indigenous people, she enjoyed visits with the Maoris in New Zealand. One of the highlights of visiting Ecuador, South America, was being introduced to the Shuar tribe. The chief then invited Patsy to spend two weeks living with them in the Amazon jungle. The Shuar taught her a lot, including the healing remedies of many of the plants, e.g. the bush with red berries used by women as a contraception. She saw sap taken from the bark of a particular tree, used to prevent and treat cancer. Back in the UK Patsy opened her own private practice. In 2012, Patsy learned that her younger daughter, Jasmine, had breast cancer. She died 15 months later. Unprepared for the grief that followed, Patsy instinctively reached for a note book and began writing letters to her daughter. Four months after her death, Patsy began receiving signs from Jasmine - two of her paintings fell off the wall, sometimes she smelled her or heard her voice, a table lamp began flickering. She also received telepathic messages, and at one point heard Jasmine say - ‘You must write a book, Mum, about your experiences. It will help a lot of people’ And so a book was birthed. Patsy gives talks and enjoys being interviewed on the subject of grief. She also offers writing workshops for the bereaved. Her book ‘In Search of You – letters to a daughter’ is available from her website, and also Amazon. Contact Patsy by email at

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