As I write this story, it is Easter Sunday 2011, a point that I pray will not be relevant to anyone reading this in the weeks and months to come. Before my late son was born, I began to have a series of dreams that I call the “Royal” dreams, because they had something to do with either Prince Charles or Lady Di, and sometimes both.

I remember one that took place in the 1980s, with Prince Charles giving me a long dissertation on his interests, and I didn’t get a word in edgewise. I found these dreams, if nothing else, entertaining, as it was unlikely I would ever meet any of these individuals in “real” life, let alone have a conversation with them.

One dream in particular has haunted me all these years, because in it, I witnessed an auto accident – not two cars hitting each other, but one car veering off the road. I walked over to the car and found Lady Di. Now, this dream took place well before the actual accident that took her life. She asked me if I could help her get back to London.

There was enough of my personality engaged in this dream that I remember thinking to myself I had no idea how to get back to London, but I told Lady Di that we would find a place with a map and that would set us straight. We were coming from the north and I found a tube station where I knew we could find a map.

I walked with her downstairs into the station underground, a place between worlds. The station was empty but for a matron cleaning up trash. I showed her the map on the wall and read the name of the tube station as well…”Wembley.” We studied the map (my personality was never able bring through any of the information on the map), and then two little old ladies approached. One said, in a nice London accent, “Oh, Princess Diana…we’re behind you 100%.”

This was all taking place during the time she was having so much marital difficulty with Charles. I said we should exit before we drew any more attention to ourselves and the dream ended as we ascended out of the station.

Years later, I had the opportunity to ask why I had this dream that foretold the auto accident that took her life. The teachers that work with myself and my son told me that the map I was showing Lady Di was a map of her destiny and she wanted me to show it  to her in this place between worlds, and then she in turn showed me my destiny – the reason my personality was not allowed to consciously participate with that information. Why were the two of us even having this conversation in the first place?

I was told that she and I were members of the same spiritual (soul) family and in another time and place, we were both members of the Wembley family. In this lifetime, we both had the same objective to accomplish – to bring forward compassion — and it was our family connection and our common purpose that brought us together.

Fast-forward almost two decades into the future, and I am in a dream picking up three or four Apache tears from the ground. These stones are rounded nodules of obsidian (volcanic black glass) with diameter from about 0.5 to 5 cm. The name “Apache tear” comes from a legend where about 75 Apaches and the US Cavalry fought in the 1870s on a mountain in Arizona.

Facing defeat, the outnumbered Apache warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths rather than be killed. The sadness of the tribe was so great, and their burden of sorrow so sincere that the Great Father imbedded into black stones the tears of the Apache Women who mourned their dead. It is said that whoever owns an Apache Tear Drop will never have to cry again, for the Apache Women have shed their tears in place of yours (so much for legends).

As I stood up from my rock-collecting, a woman I had not seen in all those years stood before me wearing black – a woman who symbolically holds so much sorrow for the world. Of course, I recognized her immediately – Lady Di. I walked over to her and placed the Apache tears in her left hand and then I closed her fingers around them. I gave her a light heart-to-heart hug, and when I pulled away from her, I could see tears were streaming down her face.

Once again we had something in common, and something to share. I had lost a son and now she had lost a son – and then I woke from the dream. Of course I recognized that this woman had not lost a son, at least not yet.

The Royal Wedding was coming up and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to postulate that some nasty faction might take that opportunity on the world stage to do something cruel, stupid and violent. It all reminded me of another dream where I was able to see all the individuals who, by their unconscious thoughts, made it possible for Robert F. Kennedy to be assassinated.

There were the main players and plotters, but in this dream my focus was not on them but on many, many citizens who, by the tenor of their thoughts and unspoken intentions, made it possible for this act to be energetically supported. If you had gone up to any one of these many individuals and told them they, in their small way, made it possible for that despicable act to have taken place, they would have had no idea what you meant, would deny vehemently that they wanted anyone killed and taken great offence.

We are all responsible for our thoughts and the human brain is just as much a computer CPU as your PC is – actually more powerful, just not as quick. It is possible to join many computers together in a network and have them do computations or run a program that could never be run by any individual computer alone.

In just that way, the unconscious disconnect that many people had at the time of the RFK assassination allowed a program to gain energetic support it would not have had unless many thousands were not letting another intention co-opt the personal CPU between their ears.

The message here is one of empowerment. We have opportunity to shift intentions. One can with one’s own intention add to a field of energy to divert plans or create lack of success of a terrorist act (regardless of who is doing it and for what purpose). The violence we inflict upon one another and on nature is not energetically supported, because we live in a benevolent universe, so a lot of effort must go into swimming up stream to create fear instead of love.

Conversely, holding love, and sending love just by one’s own intention is disproportionately more powerful because as “lightworkers,” we can have the home court advantage, and join a powerful network, a conscious network, that can alter the course of a river if it is in the best interest of all.

We create in so many ways we do not appreciate yet, and truly it is time to wake up.

Kenneth Paul Stoller, MD 2011

K. Paul Stoller

K. Paul Stoller

K. Paul Stoller, MD, started his medical career as a pediatrician and was a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatrics for over two decades. Previously, in the early 1970s, he was a University of California President’s Undergraduate Fellow in the Health Sciences, working in the UCLA Department of Anesthesiology and volunteering at the since disbanded Parapsychology Lab at the UCLA Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. He matriculated at Penn State, and then completed his post-graduate training at UCLA. His first published works, papers on psychopharmacology, came to print before he entered medical school. During medical school, he was hired to do research for the Humane Society of the United States, and became involved in an effort to prohibit the use of shelter dogs for medical experiments, which made him very unpopular in certain circles when he published an article entitled “Sewer Science and Pound Seizure” in the International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems. He was then invited and became a founding board member of the Humane Farming Association, and served science editor for the Animal’s Voice Magazine where he was nominated for a Maggie. In the mid 1990s, after a friend, head of Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group, lapsed into a coma, Dr. Stoller began investigating hyperbaric medicine. Soon after, he started administering hyperbaric oxygen to brain-injured children and adults, including Iraqi vets and retired NFL players with traumatic brain injuries, also pioneering the use of this therapy for treating children with fetal alcohol syndrome. He is a Fellow of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and has served as president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association for almost a decade. When his son was killed in a train accident in 2007, he discovered the effectiveness of the hormone oxytocin in treating pathological grief. Dr. Stoller has medical offices in Santa Fe, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

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