This is on all the major news stations right now and in newspapers – I heard The news broadcast last night….

BIRTHDAY BOY – Please Read (FROM JEFF at FRESH FM ) ( London radio station)
There’s a little boy hoping for a very unique birthday gift this year.? He’s 7 and all he wants are cards.
Shane Bernier was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia in 2004. He spends his days and nights at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario . He says he wants the card because he likes seeing his name on paper. His supporters say the cards are a way to help him experience joy, an important step in recovery. …he is trying to break the world record for birthday cards (which is 35 million) before he passes away.

He turns 8 years old on May 30th 2007. But, unfortunately, doctors feel that he may not reach his big day. He loves receiving mail, and would love to get as many birthday cards as he can.? So PLEASE take a moment and help this boy fulfill his birthday wish. Send him a birthday card at the address below.? If you’re interested in sending him a card you can mail it to:

Shane Bernier
P.O. Box 484
Lancaster, ON , Canada

I checked this story on to verify this is true.? It is!? I never encourage anyone to participate in these requests, but this one really hit home. I? hope many of you will also join me in sending a card to this little boy.

If you don’t believe this to be true, we would not have sent it to you. Always verify these e-mails by going to or BEFORE sending them out!

Follow your heart!
Steve Kern

(408) 592-7661


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