by Amy Twain

Losing someone very dear to your heart can indeed be a truly devastating experience. There are a variety of methods in which you could reduce the hurting emotions of sorrow and loss that you feel through grief counseling. Though we don’t like to be labeled as ‘weak’ or inept in coping with our pain and misery, sometimes it’s still very comforting and helpful in knowing that there are valuable and efficient ways in making our life easier. That’s why we have some of these techniques which can be effective in dealing with our grieving process. And these grief counseling practices suggested below are strikingly forceful in prevailing over your pain and gaining back control in your life.

1. Journaling your feelings and emotions. Each time you express what you feel by writing them down, your grieving emotions of pain and mourning become less and more manageable. You may not believe it, but writing about your emotions actually minimizes the pain and make you feel relieved that you finally let go of it! So go ahead and face your pain head on because this is already a tried and tested formula in expressing your deepest feelings of anguish.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)-this grief counseling tactic is very fast, so it may only require a few half hour sessions in order to perform this activity. It actually necessitates tapping-yes, you read it right, tapping-your fingers on certain meridian energy spots on your upper body and your face. Emotional Freedom Technique works in almost all instances to perpetually get rid of depression and unfathomable pain surrounding a past recollection of loss.

3. Emotional Release Therapy-Hypnotherapy-whenever you hold on to your agonized feelings and sentiments, they begin to accumulate and become suppressed as time goes by. However, when you convey or express them, you start letting go of them, just one level at a time, which is good. Essentially, deep sorrow and pain dwell inside our subconscious “feeling” psyche. So in expressing your painful feelings of sorrow and unhappiness is the most effective method of rising above the anguish. Don’t be apprehensive of expressing pain and mourning for it’s a very comforting and enlightening experience. A skilled hypnotherapist who specializes in emotional expression of grief and loss would enable you to go to the deepest depths of your subconscious “feeling” psyche.

4. The Vipassana Meditation. Yes, you can in fact try meditation to triumph over sorrow. In utilizing this grief counseling method, you’ll be required to attend a silent meditation retreat for 10 days. And since this is considered “silent”, they would teach you breathing methods and you are compelled to stay “still” and deal with your hurt emotions. This kind of self-help grief counseling unearths deep meaningful layers of anguish-some of it you never knew existed before! And the best thing about this is it’s all for free; they merely ask for a contribution or donation to pay for the next student and it’s entirely up to you what you like to give.

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