There is nothing more important or powerful in our lives than our faith. I have had a wonderful experience about a presence more powerful than ourselves. I have seen the movies, books and specials through out the media world about life after death, God, the Divine Source and Heaven. It is an amazing and mysterious subject matter, which captures the attention of millions no matter what faith they practice. My life has been embraced by heaven. I have been able to realize the connections with our loved ones who have passed away are never broken.

After the loss of my mother, father and brother, my life changed forever. To those not blessed with a faith-filled heart these events may seem tragic and unimaginable. My story is about struggle turned to triumph. My faith in God revealed an amazing power at a pivotal time in my life, offering me comfort in a moment of supreme challenge.

It is a story is about the power of faith. After losing a loved one, many people feel completely hopeless. Their lives shift into a lonely state of mind. They lose sight of happiness and hold onto the darkness. It’s a difficult transition to say the least. I have wandered through the many faceted feelings of grief; not only after my mother’s death when I was only twelve, but years later, after the loss of my father and my only brother. Each time I gained a new perspective about life and death.

My life had been a myriad of devastation, yet my hope and faith remained unbroken. My mother’s death blessed me the wisdom, courage and strength to move forward. Not to look back at what I didn’t have any longer, but to walk through the hell and keep on going. I didn’t realize it at the time, but her death and all the profound pain I experienced has made me who I am today. I am the depth and breadth of hope.

My brother’s passing allowed me to fully understand the extent and purpose of this swift moving life we have here. Within the time constraints of his illness, I became connected to the whispers from beyond. I was open to these soft voices. They revealed to me more than the comforting words, which I desperately needed to heal my aching heart, as I watched my brother’s life dissolve away. They spoke of their constant guidance over our lives and my parents told me how they have never left our sides.

My life has been a pure blessing. I am a survivor and for that alone I am thankful. Sometimes in life we aren’t equipped to understand the reasons our lives unfold the way they do. There are meaningful purposes to everything. It is not up to us to rationalize the outcomes. It is up to us to leave the bitterness behind. Within each of our painful journey there is a blessing.


Mary Elizabeth Robinson

I work as Interior Designer, but writing is my passion. Tomorrow’s Promise has been featured in The Mustard Seed, a local church newsletter. Another one of my article has been featured on Carole Marie’s website, as well as on Online Grief Support website, and Miracle Stories website. My story has been shared with cancer support libraries at Gilda’s House, Cancer Care Centers and Livestrong.

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